We offer a warranty on the cars we sell at UAB Autolead.


There are two types of car warranties:

  1. Cars are covered by manufacturer’s guarantee.
    All manufacturers provide a guarantee on their new cars. The guarantee covers all car parts and components except naturally worn parts, e.g. tires, brake pads, wipers, etc. Guarantee terms and conditions may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Guarantee depends on the car age, mileage and manufacturer’s guarantee period.
  2. Cars with additional seller‘s warranty.
    Cars are covered by a warranty from the seller. After checking and evaluating the condition and technical condition of the car for sale we grant 3 months or a 3,000 km mileage warranty on the engine and gearbox. This way, we guarantee that the cars sold by us are in good working order, have no hidden defects and are in line with the car description in the ad.