The commission

Don’t worry about selling your car, let us do it for you!


If you are reluctant to waste your valuable time selling your car, meeting with buyers, going for service checks or you are afraid of being deceived, we can help you sell your car. Contact us and we will discuss the terms of your car sale.


Trust us with selling your car because:

  • We are professionals in this field
  • We will advise and determine the best selling price of the car
  • We will ensure safe parking
  • We will prepare the car for sale and place its advertisement for free
  • Once the buyer is found, we will handle all the required documentation
  • We will offer excellent leasing terms
  • We will take care of car registration / deregistration
  • All technically sound cars are accepted for sale by the Commission
  • The cars are handed over for sale to UAB Autolead on commission basis by signing a contract and a car delivery and acceptance statement.


Car exchange

We can exchange your current vehicle with another new or used one we sell. This way, you will switch from one car to another and avoid any selling worries. It is also possible to set off the price of your old car as initial payment for the car purchased from us.


We rebuy used cars of all makes

You can simply sell your car to us. It’s make and model do not matter. We will professionally evaluate and help you with all leasing redemption and registration issues. Contact us and we will arrange everything.