Operating lease

A car operating lease is a lease where the leasing company acquires the property requested by the customer and hands it over to the customer to use it until a determined end date, and the customer pays fixed contributions and has the right to use the object throughout the lease period.


The main difference between a finance lease (commonly referred to as a leasing) and an operating lease is that in the latter case, the property does not become customer‘s property at the end of the contract, but returns to the lessor. At the end of the lease, the customer may choose one of the following options: return the property to the leasing company, extend the lease contract or contract the new property. The service provider gives priority to the customer to acquire the used property. In most cases, there is a fixed fee for using an operating lease. Depending on the applicable terms and conditions, the service provider may also take care of the maintenance and servicing of the leased property. Thus, the service enables companies to plan longer-term cash flows. Leasing rather than acquiring the necessary property simplifies accounting for companies, as leases can be written off to its operating costs and does not directly affect its balance sheet.


Our company cooperates with all the Lithuanian leasing companies providing operating lease service, therefore we can offer best solutions for your fleet.


Operating lease is only available to legal entities.