UAB Autolead is a brand guaranteeing quality and reliability. We are an ambitious and innovative team of professionals with long-standing experience in the automotive trade and maintenance, dedicated to providing the highest level of services to our customers. The main activity of the company is trade of new and used cars. The cars we sell have service history, valid roadworthiness certificates and meet all traffic safety requirements. We guarantee the authenticity of the car mileage. In cooperation with reliable partners in Lithuania and Western Europe, we offer a wide range of different cars. The fleet for sale consists of both cars after leasing of which first country of registration is Lithuania and imported cars from other European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy and Belgium. We are constantly updating and expanding our fleet for sale. Every car is thoroughly inspected and handed over to its new owner without defects. We guarantee that the cars have not been involved in any traffic accidents, their safety systems are up and running as intended by the manufacturer.


We trade motorcycles and offer car operating lease on particularly favorable terms as well. We can also offer longer-term vehicle rental. If you have a vision of what kind of car you are willing to buy, we can find one and bring it on your request. Or maybe you found a car you like abroad? We can arrange transportation, registration, leasing and other formalities. It is also possible to exchange your existing car with another new or used one we sell as an initial contribution. If you don’t have time or opportunity to sell your car or motorcycle – leave it to us and we will sell it on commission basis.


You will find cars and motorcycles sold by the company on our website at www.autolead.lt or on the Autoplius portal at www.autoplius.lt/autolead. If you have chosen a car you like, contact us and we will be happy to invite you to see it and try it out. You will be able to purchase the car immediately in cash, via bank transfer or under a leasing contract.

Why choose us?

We sell only reliable and tested cars

We carry out technical inspection

We help you register your car

We take care of additional car equipment

We handle all the required documentation when purchasing a car by leasing

We will offer attractive insurance terms

We provide the possibility to check the technical condition of the car in the service of your choice

We prepare the car for operation and hand it over to its new owner without defects

We offer a warranty on the cars we sell